The costly helpfulness of Steve Stenger

St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger is nothing if not helpful. As the Post-Dispatch’s Jeremy Kohler reported last week, Stenger’s office in 2016 arranged for the St. Louis County Port Authority to hire a marketing consultant for a struggling nonprofit housing partnership. The ever-helpful Stenger even recommended a candidate for the job: one Steven Wyatt Earp, who was subsequently hired. READ …

No end in sight to county dysfunction despite Stenger’s vow to change

For the briefest of moments, it appeared that St. Louis County might emerge from its dark days of political warfare after County Executive Steve Stenger’s Democratic primary-election victory last month. Even Stenger had told us he has learned from his mistakes and would use this opportunity to turn over a new leaf. READ MORE

Ethics committee recommends state, federal investigations of Stenger

St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger’s underwhelming efforts are paying off in a number of ways lately. On Wednesday, June 13, the Unified Democratic Township Organization announced its endorsement of his rival Mark Mantovani in the Democratic primary. The endorsement took place at Mantovani’s campaign headquarters at 4013 7 Hills Drive in Florissant. REAM MORE

Stenger needs to end his scorched-earth agenda

This newspaper has called repeatedly on St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger to rethink his weird politics and seek a less confrontational approach to doing business with the County Council. Council members have urged Stenger likewise. Stenger himself has acknowledged the need to be more collaborative. Yet nothing seems to have changed. READ MORE

Trakas stays in office: Judge rules he didn’t violate Charter

Councilman Ernie Trakas can stay in office and did not violate the county Charter with his work as an attorney for public school districts, a St. Charles County judge ruled last week. In a nine-page ruling issued Sept. 18, Circuit Court Judge Daniel Pelikan disagreed with the previous recommendation of a special prosecutor, St. Charles County Prosecuting Attorney Tim Lohmar, …

County contracting changes deal another blow to Stenger’s power

The St. Louis County Council’s bipartisan decision to change its contracting policies and procedures was based on simple logic: The old contracting plan didn’t adequately advance the goal of opening opportunities to companies owned by women and minorities. The council recognized reality and opted for a fresh approach. READ MORE